Dear Visitor,

It is my great honor and exquisite pleasure to greet you on behalf of the municipalities of the Záhony region, the subregional partnerships, the Záhony Enterprise Zone, the Scientific Association for Transport, and KIUT Regional Development Association. Please allow me to kindly draw your attention to this web page.

We wanted to start such kind of web page what is updated to the latest events continuously, provides useful information for those investors and businessmen who want to build economic relationship with Záhony region with the assistance of this page.

We would be very pleased if our web pages could provide you with concrete help to become more acquainted with our association, our members and Záhony region.

Of all of Hungary's regions, the Záhony Zone is the place that is "different". On the one hand, because of its unique economic geography, it plays a special role in the logistics of Hungary as well as of the whole of Europe: on the other hand, as soon as Hungary accedes to the European Union sometime in the near future, it is bound to become a frontier city of the EU. As we speak, Záhony this dynamically developing railway and public road hub in the northeastern part of Hungary is "only" a "gateway to the East", the largest "dry port" of Europe. Záhony, albeit a small town of only five thousand inhabitants, is the center of a special enterprise zone to which it lends its name. The region played a leading role already during the past socialist regime, when its main responsibility was handling the commercial exchange of goods between Hungary and the neighboring Soviet Union. The Hungarian State realized this potential again when in 1995, issuing a government decree, the national government designated the region as the first enterprise zone of special rights and benefits.

Investors who decide to set up businesses in the region will find here the most stabile business and financial environment in comparison to all the states of the former "eastern bloc". The region offers advanced transport and services infrastructure, cross-border trading relations that look back to a long tradition and by now operate well and smoothly -and all this coupled with significant state and local investment benefits. The region also has to offer undeveloped areas for greenfield capital investments, a mobile and convertible workforce -at East-European prices. The Záhony zone is not only a prominent partaker of the national plans but also an important factor in international projects, which is understandable if one considers the fact that the region directly borders on four countries and has a population of 10 million people within a radius of 200 km comprising an attractive market for products and services alike. An indication of how realistic this opportunity is readily seen in the fact that in addition to Hungarian, Italian, Swiss, Russian and Ukrainian private capital, a number of multinational companies have also established their presence in the region.

The companies who are already here realized the importance of being first and the rule of thumb that whoever wants to be among the winners must be at the right place at the right time, facing promising challenges as they arise.

In the first few years of the new millennium, Hungary is expected to be among the first East-European nations to join the European Union. It will thereby become a border region as well as a mediator of strategic importance in the external relations of the European Union, the Záhony zone being the very link between the EU and its neighbors.

Isn't it about time to enter the lobby and get used to the climate?

We want to make this lobby more comfortable with our web page.

I force you to visit our pages more often; this way we can serve you updated information! Please record your data on behalf of getting daily information about the events of our association as well as Záhony region.

We would like to serve possibility to the online registration to our conferences. This way we can help you to arrange your basic business routine.

We are sending this web page on its way in the hope that it will provide suitable background for all those who want to cooperate with the settlements and economic players of the Záhony region in order to benefit from the opportunities the Zahony zone has to offer to all investors as the gateway
between East and West.

Sándor Szórádi
KIUT Regional Development Association